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Open Source

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Open Source software or "free software" (open code software) is a type of computer program which is made and cost differently from conventional software in a way that it is free and has open access to its code.

Its openness is reflected in the fact that its license guarantees its usability for any purpose. Although the author reserves the right to re-license and sell his or her work, everything that was once licensed as free remain so forever.

Of course, in our society, few people think to use free software because it is still easier to use good old illegal programs. Recent police and relevant inspections’ activities aimed at combating use of illegally downloaded software forced us all to think a little bit about the options that we have.

Now it is a time to get familiar with the programs that are just as effective as those to which we are accustomed, but legal and free.

Authors of free software ask for free distribution and use of programs, distribution of the source code, protection of the identity of authorship of code and they don’t allow use of their code in the so-called proprietary software (closed code).

On the other hand, the problem with most commercial code is that bugs can’t be fixed and it can’t be customized, because the source code is unavailable.

Free licenses used in most of the cases are the GNU General Public License (GPL), BSD-style license and Artistic License. Common is that you can install software on as many machines as you like, software can use any number of people at the same time, and software can be copied as many times as desired. In addition, there are not restrictions in modifying the software and its distribution.

Importance of Open Source software is the availability of source code and possibility to change it, every useful program can be used to attract more developers of free software that will use it and improve further.

Today, many organizations, companies, and even governmental institutions around the world use Open Source applications to process documents, budgets, web sites, etc... Lately, free programs for photo editing, creating illustrations, editing audio/video content have advanced and they are being more used by the media, writers, designers, artists and others.

Every week, on these pages you will have the opportunity to something about the useful tools, especially open source, but also about the importance and opportunities that new media and information and communication technologies (ICT) bring.

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