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8th e-Society.Mk 2012 International Conference Held in Skopje

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Last week, November 14-15, 2012, the Metamorphosis Foundation organized the 8th e-Society.Mk 2012 international conference on the topic of “Open Education for an Open Society – Let’s Share Education”.

On the first day, the Conference focused on the issues of open education resources and open access, as well as the legal and institutional requirements for their development in the countries of the region. Special session was dedicated to the application of software solutions, especially open source software, in the formal education.

The e-Society.Mk 2012 conference was held in Skopje last week (Photo Metamorphosis)The e-Society.Mk 2012 conference was held in Skopje last week (Photo Metamorphosis)

The participants exchanged experiences, ideas and recommendations for development of education in the future, assisted by new technologies and the concept of free sharing.

On the second day of the conference, the participants focused on the issue of building internet communities and the concept of Open university as an idea towards which higher education should move in the future. The conference also analyzed the role of the civil sector in the process of creation of resources for education in the formal and, above all, informal education.

The conference gathered close to 250 participants from Macedonia and abroad. The participants came from diverse areas – the education sector, elementary and secondary schools, higher education institutions and government institutions, civil and business sector.

Over the two days of the conference, 36 featured speakers from Macedonia, Poland, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the U.S. addressed the participants, and their lectures and presentations were followed by lively debate with the audience.

For additional information and for the full presentations, visit the official website of the conference. The photo-galleries of the first and the second day of the conference are available on Facebook. During the conference, the participants and the visitors posted tweets on the conference on Twitter.  (Source: Metamorphosis)

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