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Red kiosk and Red children's parkas an experimental basis

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"Creative Commons and the values that are promoted through the concept are just the feminist values underlying the concept of working within a Red Min(e)d collective. The values I am talking about are sharing, solidarity, unity and understanding of knowledge as something that we need to share with everyone", said Danijela Dugandzic Zivanovic of the Red Min(e)d collective.

Red Min(e)d collective organized the third in a row issue of project called The Bring In Take Out Living Archive (LA), in late September 2012. in Sarajevo.

"Project Bring In Take Out Living Archive is the result of that thinking. We create a living archive on fetch/carry principle, which means that everyone has the opportunity to participate and create the archive, but also to draw some knowledge out of it", said our interlocutor.

Interactive exhibition of contemporary art consisted of curatorial forum, audio performance, interviews with artists, workshops, reading room, architectural and artistic interventions Red kiosk and Red children's park and other activities that occurred within the Campus of the University of Sarajevo.

It is the creation of a new urban space by recycling and reuse of existing and abandoned buildings and resorts. In this case, the space of the former barracks "Marsalka", now a university campus, has been turned into a park/playground, that is, the object of author Armina Pilav, Red kiosk, has been set up, and Sarajevo artists have created the Red Park-a playground for children.

Red Min(e)d collective bespeaks that in this environment, educational and creative park is a need, a different park or playground where learning is play and play is for everyone. Each material is recycled and turned into a toy: grows and arises from the love and solidarity of women who care.

"Red kiosk is a part of a more complex process related to the recycling of the city, not just a building. Kiosk was used as the medium through which we tried to deal with the experimental methods for the construction of space, exhibition working space for "Red". Apart from the recycling area, over the kiosk and the position where we found it (former army barracks "Tito"), we explored what was this urban area once, what is its past, how it looks now and what are its functions", said Armina Pilav in a statement for the media.

"It is essential for the process of this work, which I call recycling urban area or city, to review all those pieces, make more complex inquiry, and to take into consideration not only architecture and urban planning, but also a social component which is to influence the opinion about the city, its appearance and what kind of city we want to see. I wanted a kiosk to be the experimental basis for such an opinion, and I think we have achieved this result", said Armina Pilav.

Normally, The Bring In Take Out Living Archive (LA) is licensed under a Creative Commons license. "Because we believe that knowledge of feminism, feminist art and artists of post-Yugoslav space that create such art is still inaccessible and can not be found in one place. So we think that what we create within this archive has to become a common thing", said Dugandzic Zivanovic.

Also, the music from a short video about the origin of Red kiosk and Red children's park is licensed under CC.

Besides Danijela Dugandzic Zivanovic, Red Min(e)d collective consists of: Katja Kobolt, Jelena Petrovic and Dunja Kukovec.

And how to behave in The Bring In Take Out Living Archive (LA)? Do not act like you're in a museum or gallery, but rather as if you are in any social space, do not be silent and go the usual routes, and do not look at artwork from a distance, get closer to them.

Feel free to "make the most" out of LA workstations, talk, tell your opinion or comment in the Audio/Video Booth, fill out the question-form, in whole or just some parts, anonymously or not in the Reading Room, and select works you desire in Perpetuum Mobile, etc.

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