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Action by MANS and the Student Union: Greetings from Morocco

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The Network for Affirmation of NGO Sector (MANS) and the Student Union of Montenegro organized, on Friday, February 10, a performance under the title “Greetings from Morocco”, in front of the Government and on Republic Square in Podgorica.

Citizens of Podgorica greeted the action by MANS and the Student Union (Photo Cafemontenegro)Citizens of Podgorica greeted the action by MANS and the Student Union (Photo Cafemontenegro)

The activists posted a doctored photo (worked over in Photoshop) presenting the Prime Minister of Montenegro Igor Lukšić, ministers of economy Vladimir Kavarić and finance Milorad Katnić, riding camels and sending their greetings to the people of Montenegro from their recent trip to Morocco.

“This photo aims to entertain the citizens of Northern Montenegro, bring a smile to their faces and warm their hearts. Obviously, some people in Montenegro would feel much better were they able to visit those parts, too. We don’t think the presented officials care much about the people that elected them to their offices. We are all represented as camels in the photo”, said Ivan Bulić from the Student Union, adding that citizens finally got a chance to take a photo with the Prime Minister and his ministers”.

Bulić said that PM Lukšić did nothing to reduce prices of electricity, to remove the officials of Energy Regulatory Agency or order the State Attorney to investigate the privatisation of Montenegro Electricity Enterprise. He also noted that the responsibility for the current situation is constantly transferred from the ministers to the Prime Minister, then to the Speaker of the Parliament, and back.

One day earlier, in a statement for the media issued on February 9, the executive director of MANS Vanja Ćalović sent a message to PM Lukšić to work on concrete problems and to give up on attempts to politicise the problems and manipulate the public opinion, and that the citizens refuse to pay exorbitant prices of energy which also incorporate “private interests” and to suffer the consequences of privatisation that destroyed the economy and padded the pockets of tycoons.

“The January round of protests marked the start of an irreversible process. Thousands of citizens presented the Prime Minister with demands for concrete action on prices of electricity. The electricity was a test for the Prime Minister and represented the minimum that he had to do for the citizens, if if they didn’t take to protests. As we saw, he either can’t or won’t do even that”, states MANS in the public statement. (Source: MANS/MonteNews.me)

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