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CEC promises inclusion of people with special needs in elections

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The chairperson of Albania’s Central Election Commission (CEC) Lefteri Lleshi met yesterday, February 20, 2013, with the representatives of the Association of People with Special Needs to discuss the inclusion of persons with special needs in the coming Parliamentary Elections, Shekulli daily reports.

Leaders of the Association expressed their gratitude to CEC chairperson for her willingness to cooperate and listen to their requests and needs for the electoral process.

They requested from Lleshi to create the infrastructure that would facilitate their participation on Election Day, namely for labour invalids, paraplegics and tetraplegics and people with impaired hearing. They also requested attention for people with mental issues who are able to ac and enjoy the right to vote.

Lleshi offered assurances to the representatives of associations of persons with special needs that she will take their requests into account. Furthermore, Lleshi ensured them that CEC will set a standard for inclusion of this category of society in elections.

CEC informed them that the election budget has envisaged creation of infrastructure for people with special needs; while she called on these associations to bring their member’s lists to the CEC, as this would assist on precise orientation of the Commission’s work.

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