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Civil – Centre for Freedom Sets Up Special Newsroom to Cover the Elections 2014

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The Civil – Centre for Freedom announced, on Tuesday, March 25, 2014, the start of its Free Elections 2014 project, which will include production of news and information on the electoral processes.

Civil's activists in a street action for free elections without violence (Photo Civil)Civil's activists in a street action for free elections without violence (Photo Civil)

Civil’s newsroom will make all news and information available on its website and other online communications channels. The media will be free to rebroadcast and republish the materials produced by the newsroom team without restrictions.

“Our team of analysts has been following the situation in the Republic of Macedonia for quite some time. The team will prepare a comprehensive report and analysis that will be released no later than four months from this day. It will include the findings of the observation of the electoral process before, on ballot-days, and. Civil will observe the political parties, institutions and authorities at local and national level, the media and other stakeholders in this process”, Civil announced on its web-site.

Civil also appealed to all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia to resist the pressure, threats and intimidation and to vote according to their free will and personal beliefs and convictions. The organization reminded the citizens that the voting is secret and there is no way that one could find out who they voted for.

Civil also invited the citizens to submit information on electoral irregularities and violations of the Electoral Code, over the phone at: 02/5209176 and 075/707143 or by e-mail at the following addresses civil@civil.org.mk, civil.mk@gmail.com or civil.mk.02@gmail.com.

You can follow the work of Civil-Centre for Freedom and its electoral newsroom on www.civil.org.mk, Facebook and Twitter (hashtag: #izborimk (Macedonian), #zgjedhjemk (Albanian) or #electionsmk (English)).

The Free Elections project was funded in part by a grant awarded by the U.S. Embassy in Skopje.

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