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Qendra EDEN:“Ta Pastrojme Shqiperine ne nje dite”!

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On May 9, 2012, the volunteers and staff of the EDEN Center joined the “Clean Albania in a Day”, initiated by the Green Line Albania, and participated in the cleaning of Tirana’s Youth Park and a number of streets and squares in the capital of Albania.

The volunteers with the very concrete result of their action (photo EDEN Centre)The volunteers with the very concrete result of their action (photo EDEN Centre)

During the three-hour action, the volunteers from several organizations, with the help from elementary school students, cleaned the area and collected about two tons of litter and garbage in close to 100 plastic waste bags.

Albana Bregaj, the Manager of Environmental Education Programmes at the EDEN Centre, noted that the initiative called to all citizens to be constantly active, instead of appearing in similar action just for one day.

"The goal in the next days is to raise awareness and we want somehow to sensitize the public opinion", Jonida Mamaj, coordinator of EDEN Centre’s Environmental Management Practices  said.

The action was supported by several urban municipalities of the City of Tirana, student volunteers from Polis University, European University of Tirana and Marin Barleti University.

Photo gallery from the action is available at Facebook page of the EDEN Centre. (Source: EDEN Centre)

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