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Environmentalists Ask IDS if They Care More About their Offices or the Health of the Citizens

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The activists of Zelena Akcija (Friends of the Earth Croatia) and Zelena Istra (Green Istria) environmental associations held a protest action last Friday, February 14, 2014, in front of “Parentium” Hotel in Poreč, on the eve of the electoral convention of the Istrian Democratic Assembly (Istarski demokratski sabor - IDS), the ruling regional party. The environmentalists pointed out IDS’s unprincipled and inconsistent positions regarding the planned construction of the Plomin C thermoelectric power plant (TPP).

Environmentalists in front of Parentium hotel in Poreč (Photo Zelena akcija)Environmentalists in front of Parentium hotel in Poreč (Photo Zelena akcija)

Zelena akcija and Zelena Istra claim that IDS’s opposition to that harmful project at the local level is mere attempt to score cheap political points with the citizens, knowing that IDS is a part of the ruling national coalition, contributing one minister in the current Government that has made Plomin C TPP one of its strategic projects that it promotes relentlessly.

“It is clear that IDS offers political support to the construction of the power plant that the party allegedly opposes. Also, the recent statement of now former IDS leader Ivan Jakovčić that “projects need to change Croatia and if Plomin is one of those projects, it will be implemented” demonstrates that IDS has no intention to additionally oppose the planned power plant", the two associations say.

Zelena akcija and Zelena Istra reminded the public that such actions of IDS are opposed to the existing Development Strategy of Istria County which states that the energy system should be oriented towards clean energy sources and should eliminate the possibility to use coal to power the Plomin C power plant.

The two associations add that the Parliament of the Istria County, in which IDS holds clear majority, just several months after the local elections voted against Plomin C as coal-fired facility. They believe that, obviously, once the elections passed and in order to ensure better position in the ruling coalition, IDS chose to betray the expectations of its voters.

The activists of the two associations demanded from IDS, at last Friday's protests, to choose its final position on the Plomin C project and decide if it will continue to support it to stay in the Government or will it try to prevent it in the attempt to protect the citizens. (Source: Zelena akcija)

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