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Guides for citizen participation in the local self government

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 Yesterday, December 19, 2011, the Civic Association MOST presented its new Guides for citizen participation in policy and decision-making processes in the local self-government, intended for tthe citizens and municipal administrations, aiming to strengthen and increase citizens’ participation in local policy and decision making processes.

Darko Aleksov, MOST Executive Director, said in the presentation that, in spite of the evident need for continuous cooperation between the local authorities and the citizens, the citizens’ involvement in policy and decision-making processes remains low.

“That is the very reason why we at MOST dedicated a significant part of our activities and capacities over the past two years to the issue of greater citizens’ involvement in the functioning of the local self-government”, Aleksov said.

At the same event, MOST also presented its Advocacy Handbook, prepared by Association’s Advocacy Centre Project, supported by the Balkan Trust for Democracy.

Slavica Biljarska Mirčeski, one of the authors of the Handbook, noted that it was seen as an investment in the citiyens and thier skills and knowledge, having in mind that best results are achieved through education, creation of new shared experience and exhange of good practices. (Source: MOST/MIA)


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