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International Day Against Fascism Marked in the Region

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The Youth Centre “Kvart” marked November 9, the International Day against Fascism and Anti-Semitism with a gathering in Prijedor, under the motto “United against Fascism”. The activities were joined by the activists of “Oštra Nula“ and “UNSA Geto” associations to send a message that they want Prijedor to be a city free of fascist symbols and hatred.

The activists demanded the elimination of symbols of hatred and fascism from the streets and to ban the neo-fascist organizations from the territory of the municipality. They also demand the return of street names that commemorated the WWII National liberation struggle and to mark the site where partisan fighter Mira Cikota was killed.

One day earlier, on November 8, the citizens of Mostar that gathered in the “For Mostar Free of Fascism” rally signed the petition to change the names of the streets that were named after war-criminals and fascists. (Klix)

The Platform 112, network of human and civil rights associations and organizations, held a press conference to launch a campaign against spread of hatred and intolerance in Croatia. At the launch, they read the joint “Appeal to Common Sense, for Croatia that Belongs to All of Us”, which refers to the events in Vukovar after the protests against introduction of Cyrillic alphabet on street signs and state institutions in the town.

“We believe that the fundamental problem of Croatia lies in the fact that the dissatisfaction, the fear of poverty and uncertain future are always directed at some minority or the other. Sometimes that minority are the persons of same-sex orientation threatening the institution of marriage. Now it is the Serbs who insult and hurt the feelings, with their language and alphabet, of the vicims of war. Tomorrow it will be the Roma, than those who have jobs, than the unemployed... It is easy for the majority to decide which minority shall be blamed at any given time. We wonder who will be next?”, states the Appeal, available in full text (in Croatian) on the website H-alter.org.

In Belgrade, the Women in Black, the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia and the Antifascist Union of Serbia organized signing of the Antifascist Manifest to mark the International Day against Fascism.

In Montenegro, the Youth Forum of the Social-Democratic Party from Mojkovac organized activities to clean and paint the monuments to the victims of fascism in World War II. The action was implemented in cooperation with the “Montenegro-Slovakia Friendship Association”, which donated the paint used to repaint the monuments.

This activity wants to raise the public awareness that we shouldn’t forget everything about our history, especially not the crimes that resulted from the darkest ideology of the 20th Century. We need to prevent them from happening ever again, said Saša Rabrenović, SDP’s candidate running for a seat in the Municipal Council of Mojkovac. (cdm.me)

In Tirana, Albania, the Beyond Barriers association organized a day of open activities in the main municipal park, with participation of international and local volunteers. All citizens were free to join the activities of the workgroups on antifascism, fight against anti-Semitism and prevention of repeat of the Holocaust. In the afternoon of November 9, Beyond Barriers organized a screening of the excellent film 'American History X'.

In Macedonia, apart from media articles noting the reasons why November 9 was marked as the Day against Fascism, no organized activities were held. There are also no information on events or activities to mark November 9 in Kosovo.

The International Day against Fascism marks the “Kristallnacht” (Chrystal Night), the pogrom of Jews in the cities of Nazi Germany on November 9, 1938. In attacks all over Germany, more than 90 Jews were killed, 7,000 houses and shops were destroyed and hundreds of synagogues were burned to the ground. (Sanela Gojak and Dejan Georgievski)

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