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International Regional Youth Summer School Held in Kruševo

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The Regional Youth Action Against Discrimination and Militarism organized the second international youth “Regional Summer School 2013”, which was held in Kruševo, Macedonia, June 23 – 29, 2013.

The participants of the Regional Summer School 2013The participants of the Regional Summer School 2013

Young activists from Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Serbia were involved in this year's activities aimed to raise the awareness about high levels of discrimination in our societies.

The level of militarism is easy to measure through levels of nationalism, homophobia, machoism, xenophobia, and especially through different forms of discrimination on grounds of ethnic background, gender, sex, faith and/or social status. The activities included a series of workshops, panels, debates, a forum theatre, flash mobs, etc.

Belma Kučukalić at the panel on gender conditioned discriminationBelma Kučukalić at the panel on gender conditioned discrimination

Valentina Pellizzer and Belma Kučukalić from the Foundation OneWorld Platform for SEE participated in the panels on “New Media in the Fight Against Discrimination and Militarism” and “Gender Conditioned Discrimination”.

The project is supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (Belma Kučukalić)

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