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JUVENTAS: Campaign for Greater LGBT Rights

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Montenegrin non-governmental organisation Juventas signed, on March 28, 2012, memorandums of understanding and cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Institute of Public Health of Montenegro that related to the activities implemented by Juventas under its human rights programme.

Juventas says that the cooperation covered by the memorandums refers to improved quality of services intended for LGBT persons, with emphasis on improved health services. Also, the emphasis was placed on the two projects, “Improved Quality of Servises for LGBT Persons”, and “Monitoring of Implementation of Council of Europe Recommendations on Measures to Fight Discrimination of LGBT Persons”.
There is an ongoing anti-discrimination campaign that Juventas implements with medical professionals. There are billboards, posted all over Podgorica, with the message “True doctor would always help everybody”, and at the same time demand to “Stop Violence and Discrimination against LGBT Persons in the Healthcare System!” The main goal of the campaign is to raise the awareness among medical professionals about the diversity which they face daily, due to the nature of their job.

“The special emphasis was placed on the fact that the diversity, just as any difference, can not be used as grounds of discrimination, that we are all equal in the right to quality healthcare”, Juventas says.
The campaign also includes preparation of a manual for medical professionals on the work with LGBT persons (currently under way), meetings with decision-makers, monitoring of violations of patients’ rights over their sexual orientation and gender identity, distribution of posters, postcards and leaflets to medical institutions all over Montenegro.
In its past cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Institute of Public Health, a number of activities were realized, including advanced training to raise the awareness of medical professionals on issues related to LGBT persons in Montenegro for more than 50 doctors, nurses and medical technicians. (Source: Juventas/Portal Analitika)

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