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Mera Vlade: New Portal Assesses Government Work on Implementation of Campaign Promises

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The Serbian office of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN Serbia) launched the new portal www.meravlade.rs, which evaluates the extent to which the parties of the Government coalition met the promises made during the Election campaign in the Spring of 2012.

Mera Vlade (illustration borrowed from sa birn.eu.com)Mera Vlade (illustration borrowed from sa birn.eu.com)

“Mera Vlade is intended for all citizens, but primarily for Serbian voters, providing them with an important instrument to hod political parties accountable to those whose interests they are supposed to represent“, BIRN Serbia says, inviting the citizens to contribute to better and more objective picture about Government activities with their comments and other information.

The online database “Mera Vlade“ (Measuring the Government) analyzes the campaign promises given in public appearances and listed in election programmes and platforms of political parties, the Prime Minister’s acceptance speech and Coalition Agreement from July 2012.

The Portal “Mera Vlade“ will also monitor the reforms in the areas of public finances and spending, national economy, fight against corruption, healthcare and education – five areas that the citizens identified as crucial for the social development and the quality of life in Serbia.

The portal will offer regular announcements of public debates, discussions and other events organized to discuss the effects of the work of the Government of Serbia, with focus on promised and implemented activities. (Source: BIRN Serbia/Civic Initiatives)

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