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Necessary and Proportionate – Principles in Decisions on Communications Survellance

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The Foundation OneWorld Platform for Southeast Europe signed the International Principles on the Application of Human Rights to Communications Surveillance, prepared to deal with the changing digital environment and the ways it reflects on states' decisions regarding surveillance of communications of their citizens.

Necessary and ProportionateNecessary and Proportionate

Legality, legitimate aim, necessity, adequacy, proportionality, competent judicial authority, due process, user notification, transparency, public oversight, integrity of communications and systems, safeguards for international cooperation and safeguards against illegitimate access are the principles that the states have to apply when considering decisions on implementation of communications surveillance and access to electronic communications that touch on protected information of citizens.

The principles arose from the need to update understandings of existing human rights law to reflect modern surveillance technologies and techniques. Nothing could demonstrate the urgency of this situation more than the recent revelations, especially the “Snowden case”, confirming the mass surveillance of innocent individuals around the world.

They are the product of over a year of consultation among civil society, privacy and technology experts  and have already been co-signed by over hundred organisations from around the world. The process was led by Privacy International, Access, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Over the next year and beyond, groups around the world will be using them to advocate for changes in how present laws are interpreted and how new laws are crafted.

The organizations that led the process encourage privacy advocates, rights organisations, scholars from legal and academic communities, and other members of civil society to support the principles by adding their signature.

The principles are available in the languages of the Western Balkans. The translation into Macedonian was done by Dejan Georgievski, the Albanian translation was done by Luan Ibraj, both from the OneWorld Foundation, and the translation into BHS language was done by Share Defense.

You can see the principles, in English, at https://en.necessaryandproportionate.org/text.

BHS translation is available at https://hr.necessaryandproportionate.org/text.

Macedonian translation is available at https://mk.necessaryandproportionate.org/text.

Albanian translation is available at https://sq.necessaryandproportionate.org/text.

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