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New Web-site dedicated to Free Access to Information Launched

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On September 28, the International Right to Know Day, the Foundation Open Society Macedonia (FOSM), Transparency Macedonia, the Metamorphosis Foundation, the Macedonian Young Lawyers Association, the Youth Education Forum and Civil Centre for Freedom, promoted the new website www.spinfo.org.mk, dedicated to free access to information and related issues.

www.spinfo.org.mk is an online tool that will provide the citizens, journalists and all interested parties with information on the proper procedure for submission of requests to access information, and to share and compare their experiences with more than 2,500 documented past requests. The citizens may use the website to point out at the weaknesses and best practices related to the free access to information.

“Macedonia has adopted the Law on Free Access to Information in 2006, and it was later amended in 2010. In spite of the promising developments, it is often difficult to evaluated the actual effects of the legislation and their actual implementation”, the founders of the new website say.

The website offers the complete existing practice of the implementation of the law, with all the information held by the organizations that stand behind www.spinfo.org.mk, received through requests filed under the Law on Free Access to Information.

“We hope that www.spinfo.org.mk will inspire the citizens to request information, and they will be able to file their own requests directly through the website. We hope that it will help promote the right to free access to information”, the organizations say.

For additional information on the Right to Know Day, visit www.foiadvocates.net. For the Global Right To Information Index, visit the website of Article 19. For a short overview on the situation with implementation of the Law in Macedonia, see the report on FOSM website (in Macedonian). (Source: NGO Infocentre)

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