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NGO Launches Website to Monitor Unprofessional Media Reporting

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The Njuz.org civic association, under its “Media Literacy” Project, launched the www.posmatrac.rs website which aims to contribute to media pluralism, development of media literacy and increased critical awareness of consumers of news in Serbia.


Njuz.org explains that the creation of the website was motivated by the current situation in the media sphere in Serbia and the neighbouring countries, and the status of journalists who “torn between the laws of market competition and professional ethics, lose ever more ground in the struggle to present the right information”.

The website aims to expose instances of unprofessionally prepared and published media contents, with special attention to the manner of processing and presentation of news in online media, which are subject to few regulations.

“Through our criticism of bad practices, we fight to increase the levels of ethics in Serbian media and improved status of journalists. We will consider our mission to be accomplished when media audiences apply greater doses of criticism to media coverage”, the Njuz.org association says.

Visit the website at http://www.posmatrac.rs.

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