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Under the Rainbow NGO Launches Project for Protection of Children on the Internet

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The Under the Rainbow (Ispod Duge) non-governmental organisation launched its “Electronic Drugs” Project that aims to inform children and parents about the dangers of the virtual world that the children face while using internet and other online activities.

Child safety onlineChild safety online

Under the Rainbow NGO appealed to the parents to pay greater attention, having in mind that internet offers abundance of pornography, violent scenes, scenes of humiliation and use of “street” slang, including online predators and paedophiles.

Ana Đurović, Executive Director of Under the Rainbow NGO believes that not enough attention is paid to the protection of children on the internet, with parents thinking that such things don’t happen in Montenegro.

“We can’t close our eyes and say that it happens to other people. It could happen to everyone and it is of great importance to be able to recognize the danger and help children make the correct decisions”, Đurović says, adding that children may know more about internet than their parents, but lack the experience to process the abundance of available information.

Đurović also noted the problem that most parents has not been informed about incidents and unpleasant situation that their children face online, which prevents them from even guessing the potential danger that internet presents for the young people.

“Many young people receive unpleasant and indecent calls and propositions, but they don’t know where to go and ask for help. They are afraid to go to their parents, fearing that they may ban their internet use, and that may be the biggest mistake they can make”, Đurović says.

Under the auspices of the project, the Under the Rainbow NGO will publish weekly advice by psychologists on its website (ispodduge.wordpress.com), to help the parents deal with this problem. (Source: Under the Rainbow)

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