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Peace Building Network Demands Urgent End of Hostilities in the Gaza Strip

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The Peace Building Network in BiH, a coalition of more than 90 CSOs from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in a statement of August 1, 2014, appealed to the U.S. Government to act immediately to stop the bloody conflict in the Gaza Strip and to bring the two warring parties to the negotiation table.

The Network condemned the situation in which official Washington, in spite of the fact that the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict enters one of its bloodiest epizodes, the daily reports of bombed schools and hospitals, residential areas flattened by most modern arms, dead children and civilians, still holds the position that “security of Izrael is paramount” and transparently takes the side of Israel and its interests.

“We ask the U.S. Embassy in BiH, the U.S. officials and decision-makers, the President of the U.S., on behalf of rule of law and human rights, in the name of humanity, in the name of children that live under grave threat and the children to whom we promised a better world, to act to put an end to the conflict, to bring the two parties to the negotiation table and open a new chapter in the creation of a new world of dignity for all”, says the Peace Building Network in its reaction to news reports about the latest delivery of American arms and ordnance to Israeli armed forces.

The Peace Building Network also called on the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovian, the Parliamentary Assembly, the Presidency and the Council of Ministers to adopt a firm and clear position of condemnation and to call for immediate stop of hostilities.

“Bear in mind that individuals and organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, having experienced the war, know how important it is for foreign institutions and relevant actors to get fully engaged to stop bombardment and attacks and prevent the everyday suffering of civilians, especially the children”, says the Network in its call to the BiH institutions.

The Network states that the statement of condemnation is directed at the state of Israel and its institutions that gave the order to attack Palestine and the Gaza Strip, and not against the Jewish people who condemn the attacks both in Israel and abroad.

More that 1200 Palestinians have died in the last month of fighting in Gaza, and another 7000 were injured and wounded. About 50 people have died on the the Israeli side. (Source: Peace Building Network in BiH)

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