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Share Foundation: Call for Illustrations

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The SHARE Foundation currently works on the preparation of “SHARE this BOOK, too“ and invites all interested individuals to take part and contribute to the process with their illustrations, drawings, photographs and other creative works on the subject of electronic surveillance.

All-seeing eye (illustration taken from SHARE Foundation website)All-seeing eye (illustration taken from SHARE Foundation website)

The submitted works, new or already published, will be taken into consideration for the “SHARE this BOOK, too“ (the first ediction, “SHARE this BOOK“ is available at this link). The works that won't be selected for the book will be published on the website of the SHARE Foundation.

The authors can sign the submitted works with their full name or with a pseudonym. It shall be understood that all those who submitted works have, by that act, granted the permission for their publication in the print and electronic version of the book and on the website of the Foundation. The authors retain all rights over their works.
SHARE Foundation also reminds all persons who wish to submit more than one work that they can do that using some file sharing applications such as WeTransfer or Hightail, provided that they agree with their terms of use.

The SHARE Foundation recommends that submitted works are in a resolution of 300dpi, or to submit vector graphic files.
The deadline for submission expires on April 30, 2014. The works should be sent to the address info@shareconference.net.

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