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YIHR KS publishes the report on Freedom and Protection for LGBT Persons in Kosovo

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Youth Initiative for Human Rights Kosovo (YIHR KS) published, on November 14, 2013, the latest report on the position of the LGBT community in Kosovo. The survey was conducted over the last year and included interviews with state officials (human rights units), judges, police officers, medical professionals and interviews with the LGBT community in Kosovo.

The conference was attended by different institutions and human rights activists. The first panellist, Vlora Çitaku, Minister of European Integration, who spoke about the need for state institution to strongly engage in protecting the LGBT community.

“It is the duty of Kosovo institutions to guarantee equal rights for all citizens, especially marginalized groups”, said Minister Çitaku.

The second panellist, Tim Cartwright, Head of Mission, Council of Europe, spoke about the importance of this report for human rights protection in Kosovo. Additionally, Mr Cartwright spoke about the engagement of the Council of Europe in protecting human rights and supporting institutions and organizations in this field.

The third panellist was the representative of the Ombudsperson Institution, Miljana Ščekić (Legal Advisor), who spoke about the importance of raising this issue and the role played by the Ombudsperson in recent events regarding the LGBT community. The panel was joined by Jeffrey M. Jamison, Public Affair Officer of the US Embassy in Prishtina, who said the Embassy will continue to support organizations and initiatives for protecting the LGBT community in Kosovo.

The conference continued with open discussion, where the needs, problems and challenges of the LGBT community were discussed, as well as the ways which can be utilized to deal with such needs and challenges in Kosovo.

The report can be downloaded here.

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