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Digital Storytelling

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A digital story is two to three minutes long audiovisual presentation of one usually very personal story. The digital story is an audio recording of the voice of the story-teller speaking his or her own words. That recording is then synchronized with a series of images, usually photographs, that serve the purpose to illustrate the story. The script is not prepared by a writer or journalist, or by the author of the film, but are the words of common people related to pictures that hold special importance for them. There lies the power of those stories.

Every person has a story to tell. It is true story-telling that we discover how much common experience and knowledge we share with other people. The stories make our relations with the other people and the world around us real. They intertwine our individual experiences and uncover a picture of a community, group or a country.

OneWorldSEE recognizes digital stories as a powerful took to work on personal views and behaviour patterns and integrated digital stories in its work, fully prepared to assist other organizations that wish to do the same.

You can visit our website dedicated to digital story-telling and digital stories at the address http://dst.oneworldsee.org/

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