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Vision & Mission

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Oneworld – platform for south east europe (owpsee) Foundation is a civil society network in a virtual online space who envision:

"An active and efficient online community of the South East Europe unified in efforts to impact faster democratic developments and positive change within civil societies of the region, through interactive platforms and cooperation (at local, national, regional and international levels)."

Our mission is:

• to provide support for connecting communities from the region, enabling their cooperation through local content and languages
• to be an important information service provider, ensuring that voices of diversity are reaching the broadcast audiences
• to be an educational center, providing trainings on various topics and issues
• to utilize the Internet and independent technologies as tools for social change in civil societies of the SEE region
• to create networks and partnerships with organizations working in the fields such as advocacy, information communications, media, human rights, gender equality, activism, and sustainability.

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